A very common question that people ask is, what is the best time to sell my home? I know it sounds a bit “salesy” but actually ANYTIME is a great time to SELL or buy a home. If you happen to have your home for sale right now you may be realizing that you don’t get to pick the buyer for your home, making the time for you to then turn around and “buy”, an unknown. It may be hours or it may be months before you sell. This leads me to the fact that a home can sell any day of the year no matter where you live! It depends on not only the 3 most important aspects of selling a home; location, price and condition, but most importantly, whether the buyer falls in love with your home. Since buying and selling Real Estate is a local event, depending on where you live, you might experience seasonal activity. For instance, here in Kansas City, Spring is our busiest time because winter is over and folks have cabin fever, birds sing and squirrels scamper, the grass turns green and the flowers bloom, getting people in the mood to start anew. They busily prepare to place their homes on the market which creates a flutter of activity with new homes available for the anxious avalanche of buyers eager to buy a home.
However, again since we never know when our buyer will walk through our door, it may be fall or winter before that Spring inventory of homes sell, making it necessary for those sellers to become buyers in the fall and winter months. I will say that the only time weather really impacts real estate is when the weather is very bad ie; unusually cold, or unusually hot.
Just don’t let the weather determine your need or desire to place your home on the market. Even Christmas time can be effective marketing time if an out of town buyer has come in over the Holidays to look for property in preparation for a job start after the new year! So, whether it is Fall or any other time of the year, people will always be looking for a home that will best suite their needs when they need to buy! Your home just needs to be on the market to capture that just right buyer!