Selecting the RIGHT Realtor to sell you home will make the selling experience a happy one with the least amount of hassles and the most amount of money.
So you ask…How do I go about finding the right realtor to team up with and sell my home? Here is the answer in 5 easy steps:
1. Asking friends, family or business associates is a good place to start. Getting a referral from someone you trust about a Realtor or Realtors they had a great experience with is a very good way to find that perfect one. From there you can go to their websites and it check out to see if it is user friendly and up to date.
2. Look for an agent who works locally in your market or area. An agent that knows the area will have a big advantage over the ones who don’t. If they have really worked these areas, they are familiar with what homes are selling for and how long typically it will take your home to sell. They will have a pretty good handle on where the buyer will come from or where they will go to attract that buyer for your home.
3. In your interview, look for signs that they a relatable to your wants and needs. Ask if they are available to talk to you when you need an answer or assurance. Some agents only have you work through their assistants once they have taken the listing. If that is ok with you, then at least you will know how you will be communicating with them. And speaking of communication, ask the Realtor if most of their transactions go smoothly and how they accomplish that. No one is perfect and there will be transactions with challenges so you want an agent that communicates, negotiates and handles objections with professionalism and finesse.
4. Ask about the agent’s track record for sales ie, how many homes sold per year, days on the market and list to sales ratio numbers. (They should know this information and convey it easily.)
5.The agent should provide you with an actual written or computerized market analysis of your property. These will be facts about pricing and how long it will take to sell your home featuring comparable listings in and around your neighborhood.
There are a lot of Realtors out there and having the best of the best is important! After all this is most likely the largest investment you own and you want a competent Real Estate agent to handle all the fine details and represent your interests!