At some point those of us who are considered “Baby Boomers” will be faced with a move or transition to different housing or new lifestyle. To add to that many of us have parents who may need to make a move right now, because their homes are too large and require too much maintenance. In this New Series: Helping Seniors move, I want to introduce some tips and strategies to help our loved ones and ourselves make that transition and prepare for a future home.
I will present these as objections so it will be clear as to what the problem and is and then a solution.
Objection #1. I know I need to move but my “Treasures” are overwhelming. How can I move into something smaller and still have room for all my “Treasures”?
I am defining “treasures” a the lifetime accumulation of stuff, memorabilia, furniture of old, collections, pictures, clothes, books, other family member’s stuff, items not really being used but still living in the home.
Solution: If you are a relative of this loved one, you are the best person to help them begin to sift through and eliminate personal items that most likely have not been used in years. If the Senior agrees, you can ask other family members to come and take things that they would love and cherish giving the Senior piece of mind that someone will actually continue to care about these personal items.
Estate sales are a wonderful way to eliminate unused and un-needed items as well, but before we even get to that point, you will have to convince you loved one that this is the time to move before, the home falls into disrepair or the loved one falls trying to climb stairs. You will need to be compassionate about their needs taking baby steps at first to insure they will be well taken care of.
Stay tuned for more about How to Help Seniors Move!