New Series-Helping Seniors Move

As a side note, in our last publication we talked about the process of eliminating “treasures” in the Seniors home which is definitely a first step and my take a long time to accomplish. I have had clients call me out 2 years ahead of time to talk about what they need to do to sell their homes and get rid of items they will not need in their future home. They will often begin this process long before they have decided where they want to ultimately move to just because they know there is a lifetime of “stuff” to deal with and their current home is becoming unmanageable. So to digress just a bit, As the elimination process begins to take shape in order for the Senior to feel stable about a place to live, you will probably want to start exploring Senior housing communities, rentals or a new ranch in a quiet neighborhood. Whatever that looks like for your loved one, make sure this quickly becomes part of the “eliminating process” so that they can be excited about their new living quarters and it will help propel them into action to make the change.