Are you ready to sell your home but stressed about how to get it ready to get on the market? Have no fear! Below find 5 easy steps to ready your home that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

You can start by grabbing a pen and paper to write down what needs to be done. Walk around your entire home, interior first. As you do this put yourself into the shoes of a prospective buyer and look for things that would stand out to you if you were buying this home. Follow the list below:

  1. Walls and trim. Determine if new paint needs to be applied to cover up old outdated wall colors or will a just freshen up coat be needed to cover up marks and scratches?  Notice your wood trim, is it scratched and marked up? If so you may need a good once over with a MR.Clean dry eraser or maybe some cover up paint.
  2. Look at flooring, hardwoods, carpet, ceramic tile and laminates. If these things are worn beyond cleaning and repair, you may have to replace. Use the guidance of your Realtor to help you determine the cost versus the gain in what you will profit from the sale of your home. It might serve you to just give a flooring allowance if replacing is outside your budget.
  3. Buyers today notice updates like fixtures, lighting and door handles and will pay for them. If everything is out of date, consider replacing with inexpensive light fixtures and faucets purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. Replacement Door hardware can be purchased on Amazon at very low prices as well.
  4. Look for overall cleanliness and clutter throughout your home including the garage and outdoor sheds or storage units that will stay with the home. Do an extensive deep clean throughout.  Now is the time to throw away and give away the things you never use or haven’t used in the last 5 to 10 years. Straighten and organize closets, bath and kitchen cabinets. It will be so easy to move when these things are already done and ready to pack. You’ll save money too because you won’t pay to move items you will never use in your new home. Some movers charge by the pound.
  5. Check out your exterior. Look for rotted wood and trim boards, fading and peeling paint and fireplace issues (cracking brick or fireplace cap issues). Review the landscaping. Does it need a cleanout by pulling weeds, replacing or removing dead shrubs and replacing mulch or rock?  Again use your “Buyers eyes” to determine if this would bother you if you were buying this home. How does it look when you drive up to your home? Does the front door need a fresh coat of paint?

Sprucing up your home by doing these few simple tasks will add so much value to your bottom line. Selling your home is kind of like competing in a beauty contest. The homes that have great curb appeal (first impression) smell the most pleasing and look well maintained and fresh, sell quickly and for the most money. If you have any further questions or would like a Free consultation on how to get you home ready to sell and a pricing analysis, call us anytime at 816-600-7355. We are happy to help!!