The 12 PILLARS (Companion piece to the video)

*1. The only way things are going to change for you is when you change!

*2. Work harder on yourself than you do at your job!  Work to improve yourself everyday. One way is to change negative thoughts into positive ones!

*3. Foster relationships. Time, effort and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship growing.

*4. Use time wisely. Every day has many opportunities but only one best opportunity! When the day is over, so may the opportunity.   Everyday has many opportunities but only one best opportunity. Discipline weighs ounces, regrets weigh tons. Days are expensive so spend each one wisely Spend it in the best way possible. The best opportunites will easily align with your goals. Design your own life plan.

*5. Surround yourself with the best people! Go where the demands to perform are high. Mover and shakers are always moving and shaking and changing themselves, the people around them and the world. Hitch you wagon to a star!

*6. Open communication brings a common ground of understanding. You are positioned to have tremendous power together when you come to a common ground. See first to understand.

*7. Get skilled at your chosen profession. Read at least 12 books a year!

*8. Acheive your goals. The main reason for setting goals is to push yourself harder and the result is what goals make of you as a successful person or business. Set 100 goals for your life.

*9. All life is sales! Sales is just the application of influence. One key to having influence with others is to be perceived as a person of talent and virtue whether you are selling a product or yourself. Build trust through your words and them actions that follow them up.

*10. Income seldom exceeds personal development. What you become directly influences what you get!

*11.  Become a Leader! The world can always use one more leader. To lead others is to change their thoughts and actions for the better. Master the art of influencing others.

*12. Leave a Legacy!    Live a life that helps others spirtually, financially, phyically and relationally. Serve as an example of an exceptional life!




7 housewarming gifts for the new home owner!

Here are a few of our favorite things:

7 housewarming gifts for the new home owner!  

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Home address planter


New home ornament



Add this adorable candle to a cozy basket with a blanket and some wine and charcuterie

Or this beautiful custom addressed christmas candle


A Moving kit 

Moving can be stressful enough, so give a little basket of helpfulness the week before a move with items like:

Lysol wipes, trash bags, hand soaps, roll of paper towels and toilet paper, color coated labels for boxes, moving checklist/planner (see below), packing tap, scissors, snacks and anything else you think might be handy that they could use while moving!


This personalized elegant cutting board for under $30!!


This thoughtful wine set for the wine lovers, for all of their first in their new home!


For the person who doesn’t live close, they will definitely feel the love with this new home succulent gift box!



When the potential buyer approaches your home in their car, they make their first decision…whether to STOP and look inside!  A neat, attractive yard is invaluable to enticing a buyer to view your home.

You’ll need to use a keen eye to carefully evaluate every aspect of  the exterior of your home! The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Curb appeal can seal a deal right off the bat because the potential buyer can easily get emotionally attached to a home at the front door. If the home is warm and friendly looking and a buyer can see that the home has been well maintained and the yard is manicured  he will be much more apt to forgive some imperfections on the inside as long as they are not screaming at him when he enters. This concept works both ways. If it is impossible to achieve an overall perfect appearance of your home, then make sure at least one or the other (either the inside or outside) are  perfect. 


  1. Keep your yard mowed, raked, fertilized and watered.
  2. Remove all toys bicycles, tools, unsightly patio furniture, garden equipment and debris.
  3. All landscaping should be pruned and trimmed regularly.
  4. Outdoor furniture should look great, cleaned and painted if needed
  5. Firewood should be stacked neatly and out of sight if possible
  6. In wintertime, keep snow and ice off sidewalks and walkways
  7. Paint mailbox if necessary
  8. Ensure street numbers are legible and easily distinguished from the street
  9. Porches, steps verandas etc, should be swept and free from leaves and debris at all times
  10. Paint all entrance doors and change front door handles if necessary
  11. Shades and awnings should be in great condition and if not replace or remove. Remove windsocks/chimes.
  12. Keep trash cans out of sight of the front of the home and deodorized.
  13. Gates, fences and outbuildings should be clean and/or painted.
  14. Clean, repair or replace downspouts and gutters
  15. Repair, replace roof shingles if needed. Also fix any sign of leaks on ceilings inside.
  16. Make sure garage doors open easily and electronic eyes are installed. Paint or replace if needed.
  17. Paint and/or repair chimney stacks, tuck point bricks and stone, caulk where needed.
  18. Excessive wear on the exterior of the house might merit a new paint job.

An investment in painting your home can really make the difference between “turning on” the buyer or sending up a “red flag” about the condition of the home. You may lose buyers due to what you might consider to be an insignificant issue. If there is a lot of peeling and chalking on the outside of the home it could affect a buyer’s ability to obtain financing for your home. 


One of the most important aspect of marketing and selling your home is showing it at it’s very best. Use these practical tips below to get the most out of your showings and win the buyer!

Your home is being “interviewed” by every potential buyer.  Use these tips to ensure its best features are displayed!

  1. Open the draperies, pull up the shades and let in the sunlight. Rooms bathed in sunlight appear bigger and have a positive impact on buyers.
  2. Install higher wattage light bulbs to show your home brightly-in its best light. Turn on all the lights for showings.
  3. Remove all clutter from each room. Remove coats, shoes, clothing, pet toys and food bowls, trash cans, toys, child safety barriers, playpens, etc.
  4. Make beds and smooth bedspreads. All linens and curtains should be fresh, clean and attractive. Keep laundry put up or out of sight.
  5. Organize closets, and pantry.  Remove unnecessary items and put them in storage. Large, well organized closets sell homes. Buyers will be impressed with the fact you took the time to organize your closets and the pantry. It shows you care. 
  6. Dust the home and vacuum floors often. Do not leave soiled towels around. Wipe down showers and tubs after use and caulk and remove mold if needed.

Carefully evaluate your home with a critical eye for small details that may detract from its beauty.

  1. Create a positive mood. Turn on all the lights day or night. Open the curtains during the day. If it is cold outside, turn on the fireplace. If it is summertime keep the house cool for visitors.
  2. Open doors to areas you want buyers to see such as walk-in closets, pantries, etc. Place air fresheners inside closets. 
  3. Prune indoor plants if needed and minimize an overloaded area of plants in small spaces.
  4. Remove excess extension cords or put out of sight for easy traffic flow.
  5. Keep pets out of the way or remove from the house during showings. Barking dogs are a distraction that can impede the successful sale of your home. You should be absent along with your pets. Buyers will get a feel for how they can live in the home  if owners are not present.
  1. If it is impossible for you to leave go outside or in a different area than the buyer. Do not interfere with the showing agent by offering comments or apologizing for the condition.
  2. To make that psychological impact go farther make sure all personal items and pictures are taken down and put away.
  3. Play soft music, turn off the TV and burn scented candles or smell goods of some sort like cinnamon apple or vanilla scents.
  4. Place a plate of fresh homemade cookies and water bottles on the kitchen counter with napkins and paper plates. Leave a sign welcoming and inviting your visitor to have a cookie and a drink while touring.
  5. Leave the Home Feature brochures provided by your Realtor close by for the visitors to grab at the same time as the refreshment.

In closing we will help you professionally stage your home and advise and consult with you going room to room on what needs to be done for the home to show it’s very best and maximize your efforts and profits.

4 Local Wineries To Try Near Lee’s Summit, MO

wineries (1)

Stonehaus Farms Winery 

Personally we have had multiple events here and always enjoy our experience! The staff is super friendly and informative about each wine that they create, you can tell they really love being there and are loving what they do! As for their wines, enjoy everything from light refreshing Vignoles to dry reds and  deep ports. You can even grab a bottle in the evening and are welcomed to sit outside surrounded by their lovely landscaping, patios and deck overlooking the lake for as long as you want! 

So bring some cheese and crackers and make a wonderful date night/girls night out of it! 




Albonee Country Inn & Winery 

The Albonee is quaintly set in a beautiful valley surrounded by hills on the back roads in Independence. 

According to many raving reviews this winery has an cozy cottage feel and a beautiful view of the pond and vines.  They also offer an assortment of fruits, cheeses, semi-sweets & more! This winery is also a bed & breakfast so if you want to get away for the night or weekend this beautiful winery could be the perfect place to reset! 




Peculiar Winery 

This newer winery has an industrial-farmhouse feel inside and we are loving it! They not only offer grape wines, but a variety of other fruit wines as well like; pear, cranberry, raspberry and blackberry. And for the non-wine drinkers who got dragged along, they also serve coke products, beers and an assortment of cheeses, meats and crackers! Check out their website for local singers and food truck events happening on the weekends! 




Odessa Country Winery 

The Odessa Country winery offers tons of  variety when come to wine; from grape to elderberry to cherry to even Jalapeno!!! Enjoy a comfortable, down home feel and enjoy all that this beautiful acreage has to offer. Hangout on the large covered patio overlooking the lake, walk to vineyards or stay inside and sample all of their assortments of wines! 





These aren’t your typical “country side” wineries, but here are a

couple of local gems for all you wine lovers out there!! 




Headquarters All American Pub & Micro-Winery  

Located in Downtown Lee’s Summit, Headquarters offers an array of red & white wine options.

They also have a delicious looking Italian menu that features handmade flatbreads, paninis, pastas and more! 



Red Door Wine Store 

Also located in Downtown Lee’s Summit. Red Door offers a very large selection of wines and is the perfect place to pop in to purchase a quick gift! Stop buy for their wine tastings every Thursday ($5 or free with any purchase)! 



Top Hat Winery 

Top Hat Winery is located right off Downtown Independence Square and manufactures over 70 different wines and over 20 different hard ciders. Their wine collection menu makes it easy to learn about each wine and adds to the experience of trying new ones. From fruit to drys to their specialty wines they seem to have it all! They also offer a simple, yet flavorful looking menu of bbq, wings and flatbreads!




Frozen grapes will keep your wine cold without watering it down! 

The 4 Best Flower Shops in Lee’s Summit

Copy of Simple Photo with Grey Birthday Pinterest Graphic (1)




All A’ Bloom Flowers & Gifts
5 SE 3rd St, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063


Photo courtesy of All A’Bloom Flowers

All A’Bloom Floral Design, is located in Historic Downtown Lee’s Summit and has been a local florist for more than 12 years. Named “Truly the Best Business” by Lee’s Summit Chamber in 2019 and voted “Best Florist in Eastern Jackson County” in 2018. They are a family owned business and committed to offering Instagram worthy flower arrangements for any occasion. With 4.8 stars and 99 amazing reviews on Google this adorable flower shop is sure to wow you with some beautiful arrangements and spectacular service!



Licata’s Flowers and Accessories

207 SE 3rd St #102, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063


Photo Courtesy of Licata’s Flowers

As we were reading these outstanding reviews about Licata’s Flowers,  we realized almost every single one of them mentioned the superior customer service,  uniqueness to each floral arrangement and freshness of these beautiful flowers. They seem to have exceeded people’s expectations and have wowed many brides over the years! Licata’s has easy access and is located near Downtown Lee’s Summit. 





Five Petals Floral 

122 SW 3rd St, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

five petals3

Photo Courtesy of Five Petals Floral

From weddings to funerals to Mother’s Day, Five Petals is a local favorite amongst the community! Located in Downtown Lee’s Summit Five Petals offers an awesome team of Designers with over 70 years of experience between them. Schedule a meeting with their design team in store or use their user-friendly ordering system online! 



Jacks Floral Decor & More

816 NW Park Lane Suite C Lee’s Summit, MO 64063


Photo Courtesy of Jacks Floral Decor

Jacks Floral Decor is located off Blue Parkway in Lee’s Summit and brings 35+ years of floral designs and creations, as well as Hallmark Cards, DeBrand fine chocolates and gift items. This is a great one-stop-shop for any occasion. With  5 Star reviews, many people mentioned wonderful wedding day experiences and that they couldn’t wait to order from this genuine owner again!

The Top 5 Best Breakfast Places In Lee’s Summit, MO According To Yelp!

The Top 5 Best Breakfast Places In Lee’s Summit According To Yelp!

 Simple Photo with Grey Birthday Pinterest Graphic

1. Ginger Sue’s

Enjoy breakfast, brunch & lunch at this local favorite in Lee’s Summit right off Douglas. You will definitely get a good amount of food for your buck and their signature seasoned bacon is to die for!

2. Whistle Stop & Mercantile

This adorable coffee shop is located on Main Street in Downtown Lee’s Summit and a morning meeting place for many locals. Enjoy breakfast sandwiches, pastries & their most craved Saturday Morning Special — Belgian Waffles!

3. Neighborhood Cafe

Forget everything you know about cinnamon rolls because this local favorite is serving up some of the best! Feel right at home when you walk into this diner-style restaurant in Downtown Lee’s Summit that has been serving up food since 2001!

4. The Big Biscuit

The Big Biscuit is another favorite in the KC metro and is serving up all the classics from pancakes to ‘BIG’ fluffy biscuits! So many reviews go on and on about how wonderful the portion sizes are and the friendly service!

5. Terra Health & Wellness

New to Lee’s Summit and a healthier option to start off your day is Terra. Terra offers a juice & smoothie bar, light breakfast choices for on-the-go and according to reviews very friendly and helpful service!


Happy Eating!




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Most homeowners have invested large sums of money in their homes. Not only by virtue of the fact they have paid a mortgage on the home for many years, but if you have maintained and updated your home to increase its value, you have continued to spend money. Keep reading this important report so you can avoid making costly mistakes when selling your largest investment.

  1. HIRING THE WRONG PERSON I need to say that the number one mistake to avoid is hiring the wrong agent to sell your home. If you have a trusted agent you have used in the past, rehire them. If not, look for these attributes when interviewing your next agent.  Do you feel a trustworthiness and a good rapport with this person during your interview? Did they bring you a market data/research report showing you what the best price would be for your home based on homes that compared very closing to yours that included a time frame to get your home sold? Did they explain the advertising they would be using and how they would attract buyers to your home? Did they have experience?
  2. OVERPRICING YOUR HOME  Regardless of what the current market is doing, never overprice your home. People think that when the market is “hot” and there are fewer homes on the market you can ask just about anything and get it. Not True! A good Realtor will always suggest pricing that follows  the last comparable sale in your neighborhood or surrounding area. Overpricing today just like in the past will cause you to sit on the market waiting for a buyer and ultimately chasing it downwards with continual price reductions thereby causing you to actually lose money.
  3. NO PREPARATION . We suggest always putting our best foot forward when preparing to sell. Do a thorough cleaning, declutter, organize closets and cabinets, assess repairs and updates needed. This will maximize your profits and give you a return on your investment.
  4. POOR PHOTOGRAPHY.  A picture is worth a thousand words and when Buyers are searching the internet they will scrutinize every detail of your home via the pictures you offer online so having high definition, professional photos of the inside and outside of your property are a critical piece of the advertising and selling of your home.
  5. BEING PRESENT AT SHOWINGS When Buyers come to view your home they are actually coming to see if they feel an emotional attachment to it. They may be excited by the pictures and the staging they saw online which caused them to want to go inside, but once they open that door and see you the homeowner, it can quickly take the excitement right out of them . Since they see you living there, they cannot see themselves living there. It is very psychological I know, but very true. This situation makes your prospective buyer uneasy about expressing their likes and dislikes and it can make you uncomfortable as well. So avoid being in attendance at showings.


For even more great tips on mistakes to avoid when selling your home, reach out to us at 816-365-9807. We are happy to provide a Free home market analysis which includes a comprehensive guide on how to prepare your home to sell and a pricing report as well.  Call today!




Are you ready to sell your home but stressed about how to get it ready to get on the market? Have no fear! Below find 5 easy steps to ready your home that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

You can start by grabbing a pen and paper to write down what needs to be done. Walk around your entire home, interior first. As you do this put yourself into the shoes of a prospective buyer and look for things that would stand out to you if you were buying this home. Follow the list below:

  1. Walls and trim. Determine if new paint needs to be applied to cover up old outdated wall colors or will a just freshen up coat be needed to cover up marks and scratches?  Notice your wood trim, is it scratched and marked up? If so you may need a good once over with a MR.Clean dry eraser or maybe some cover up paint.
  2. Look at flooring, hardwoods, carpet, ceramic tile and laminates. If these things are worn beyond cleaning and repair, you may have to replace. Use the guidance of your Realtor to help you determine the cost versus the gain in what you will profit from the sale of your home. It might serve you to just give a flooring allowance if replacing is outside your budget.
  3. Buyers today notice updates like fixtures, lighting and door handles and will pay for them. If everything is out of date, consider replacing with inexpensive light fixtures and faucets purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. Replacement Door hardware can be purchased on Amazon at very low prices as well.
  4. Look for overall cleanliness and clutter throughout your home including the garage and outdoor sheds or storage units that will stay with the home. Do an extensive deep clean throughout.  Now is the time to throw away and give away the things you never use or haven’t used in the last 5 to 10 years. Straighten and organize closets, bath and kitchen cabinets. It will be so easy to move when these things are already done and ready to pack. You’ll save money too because you won’t pay to move items you will never use in your new home. Some movers charge by the pound.
  5. Check out your exterior. Look for rotted wood and trim boards, fading and peeling paint and fireplace issues (cracking brick or fireplace cap issues). Review the landscaping. Does it need a cleanout by pulling weeds, replacing or removing dead shrubs and replacing mulch or rock?  Again use your “Buyers eyes” to determine if this would bother you if you were buying this home. How does it look when you drive up to your home? Does the front door need a fresh coat of paint?

Sprucing up your home by doing these few simple tasks will add so much value to your bottom line. Selling your home is kind of like competing in a beauty contest. The homes that have great curb appeal (first impression) smell the most pleasing and look well maintained and fresh, sell quickly and for the most money. If you have any further questions or would like a Free consultation on how to get you home ready to sell and a pricing analysis, call us anytime at 816-600-7355. We are happy to help!!