One of the most important aspect of marketing and selling your home is showing it at it’s very best. Use these practical tips below to get the most out of your showings and win the buyer!

Your home is being “interviewed” by every potential buyer.  Use these tips to ensure its best features are displayed!

  1. Open the draperies, pull up the shades and let in the sunlight. Rooms bathed in sunlight appear bigger and have a positive impact on buyers.
  2. Install higher wattage light bulbs to show your home brightly-in its best light. Turn on all the lights for showings.
  3. Remove all clutter from each room. Remove coats, shoes, clothing, pet toys and food bowls, trash cans, toys, child safety barriers, playpens, etc.
  4. Make beds and smooth bedspreads. All linens and curtains should be fresh, clean and attractive. Keep laundry put up or out of sight.
  5. Organize closets, and pantry.  Remove unnecessary items and put them in storage. Large, well organized closets sell homes. Buyers will be impressed with the fact you took the time to organize your closets and the pantry. It shows you care. 
  6. Dust the home and vacuum floors often. Do not leave soiled towels around. Wipe down showers and tubs after use and caulk and remove mold if needed.

Carefully evaluate your home with a critical eye for small details that may detract from its beauty.

  1. Create a positive mood. Turn on all the lights day or night. Open the curtains during the day. If it is cold outside, turn on the fireplace. If it is summertime keep the house cool for visitors.
  2. Open doors to areas you want buyers to see such as walk-in closets, pantries, etc. Place air fresheners inside closets. 
  3. Prune indoor plants if needed and minimize an overloaded area of plants in small spaces.
  4. Remove excess extension cords or put out of sight for easy traffic flow.
  5. Keep pets out of the way or remove from the house during showings. Barking dogs are a distraction that can impede the successful sale of your home. You should be absent along with your pets. Buyers will get a feel for how they can live in the home  if owners are not present.
  1. If it is impossible for you to leave go outside or in a different area than the buyer. Do not interfere with the showing agent by offering comments or apologizing for the condition.
  2. To make that psychological impact go farther make sure all personal items and pictures are taken down and put away.
  3. Play soft music, turn off the TV and burn scented candles or smell goods of some sort like cinnamon apple or vanilla scents.
  4. Place a plate of fresh homemade cookies and water bottles on the kitchen counter with napkins and paper plates. Leave a sign welcoming and inviting your visitor to have a cookie and a drink while touring.
  5. Leave the Home Feature brochures provided by your Realtor close by for the visitors to grab at the same time as the refreshment.

In closing we will help you professionally stage your home and advise and consult with you going room to room on what needs to be done for the home to show it’s very best and maximize your efforts and profits.